Are You CFA Exam Ready?

Or in simpler terms, are you ready for the CFA exam? It is not too difficult to tell whether you are ready or not. All you really need to do is this: Imagine that the exam is tomorrow morning. How do you feel about that?

If you feel kinda panicky, then this tells us that you probably are not ready and fully prepared just yet. But if you feel totally calm upon imagining this, then you probably are more ready for the CFA exam than you thought.

I reckon that most people reading this will feel panicky after doing the test I just suggested that you do, and this is why ensuring that you have an above average CFA review is so important…

The nerves that you feel are due to feeling that you don’t know the CFA topic well enough yet, and that can be fixed with a CFA review as I just mentioned above. The great thing about this is that all your studying can be done from one resource.

Cool CFA courses like Wiley’s CFA study review are few and far between. This is why when I make a recommendation for one, it is important that you give some strong thought to buying it. 

Some Small Study Ideas

After spending years and years prepping for and then taking exams in all different industries, there are a few conclusions that I have come to for exam prep.

The first conclusion that I have drawn is that you need well crafted materials to study from. These MCAT study books, and these cool SAT books are the kinds of materials that I am referring to. Well made books that were written by someone with experience, who really knows their niche well.

It’s a funny old game, exam taking. Lots of people expect there to be some kind of magic formula for passing, but really it is quite simple, and this goes down to every exam I have ever taken or shown interest in.

You have to really want to pass. That’s the first thing – there has to be that raw desire. And this doesn’t include telling yourself and convincing yourself that you want to pass – you have to really want to!

After that, you need as I said the right prep guide, so that you learn the correct content. And then when that is done, you just need to re-adjust your life to let the information from the guide flow to you.

The CPA Course I Prefer

Of all the CPA courses that are on today’s market, I chose the one that I found had generally the best ratings across the internet. And when I say best ratings, I don’t mean purely the best, but more that this one course was clearly more to my own personal tastes. So if you find that what I say below resonates with you, then you too might want to choose the course that I did.

The course that I carefully selected was this blissful CPA guide, the Roger CPA review.

What I found so appealing about it right from the start was that the presenter brings a lot of his character into his presentation of the material, and that was important to me in order to keep up my desire to keep studying. Because if you are bored, you don’t learn, so this mattered to me.

Additionally, the customer support was good when I had issues, and you can have issues with any product so this came in as a purchase deciding point. See the review I used via this link.

CFA Exam Soon? Don’t Panic!

If you have got to take the CFA exam soon and you do not feel like you are as ready for it as you otherwise could be, do not worry yet. You can still turn this around. Look, I get the situation you are in because I have been in the same situation before myself. I took a few simple steps at this point you are at, and everything ended up turning out just fine. What steps did I take?

First I picked up a guide to CFA study. Then I organized my life schedule as tightly as possible in all areas of my life other than study, so that I had as much time to use my new review course as I possibly could get. This course showed me the ins and outs of the exam and what it is all about, and once the exam day came shortly after, everything went swimmingly. I wonder why I ever panicked!

Here is your source of future panic prevention:

Hopping on the EA Bandwagon

There are a plethora of ways that a person can advance an accounting career. All of these ways will involve doing a higher level of work and probably taking on a higher level of responsibility as well. One way that sticks out in my mind as a top way to move your career in this direction, and a way to gain a huge pay packet compared to many other ways, is to take the EA examination to become an Enrolled Agent.

The exam itself is not regarded as easy by anyone but with the right exam prep resources, there is no reason why the exam cannot be passed by a country mile.

Lots of people scan the internet, usually via google, for hours on end looking for exam prep for this exam and it takes them far too long to find a good version of what they are looking for. The best thing to do is take my advice and see the site I referred to on this page. It will save you more time than you might think.

CIA Exam Pep Talk

Here’s a few words of wisdom that I think can make a real difference with your CIA exam result. It’s a tough exam, and if you take it anything less than completely seriously, then there are going to be struggles ahead as you answer the exam questions.

The one action that CIA exam passers take, which non passers tend not to take, is the acquiring of a review course such as the Gleim CIA Review. This makes all the difference for a few reasons.

First, a review like this will cover all the questions you could be asked in the exam, so you gain a total mastery of the exam specifics, thus making it all quite straightforward.

And second, these review courses are not cheap, meaning you gain the motivation to study from them because if you don’t and you end up failing the exam, then it would have been a waste of money. In fact even if you pass the exam and don’t study from your review course (you’d be unlikely to pass in this type of situation) then it would still have been a waste of money.

Once more, a small reminder about a good CIA course:

CPA Test Results

Depending on how you did in the CPA exam, you might experience one or more out of a whole range of possible emotions, when you take a look at your CPA exam results. All of the other exam candidates that you took the exam alongside will be in the same situation too, and because you will all have performed with a different degree of skill in the exam, the range of emotions experienced across everyone who was present that day will cover a massive range of feelings.

You want to guarantee, as far as is possible at least, that your emotions on results day are positive ones. How can you make sure of this? See the best CPA exam review courses and decide which one you believe will cater to your requirements to the highest degree.

All different candidates suit different styles, and the site linked above will let you figure out which is good for you.

Being Smart About the NCLEX

We have all taken exams in our past, and the smartest beings among us know that there are tricks and techniques that enable us to do better on exams. It is a realization that comes with experience, and with the NCLEX, there is no exception, because if you wish to do well, you will surely require NCLEX exam practice.

When I say exam practice, I essentially refer to learning the ropes of the exam content – I’m not speaking specifically of going through test exam sessions that mimic the actual exam. Those can be helpful, no doubt at all about it, but they are not a total requirement.

One informative website that I came across, to help you be smart about getting the exam prep thing done properly, is linked to just there. The creator has clearly done a top job of getting the site ready for viewers and I can’t imagine someone going over there and not, after a short while, being certain that they have found themselves just the right source of content to prep them for their NCLEX.